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13th to 21st March 2021.


The Sonus op.6 competition will be held in accordance with all epidemiological measures.
In case of an unfavorable epidemiological situation, the Competition will be held online, of which all registered competitors will be notified in a timely manner.

Application deadline: 19th February 2021.

The music school Albert Štriga in Križevci

The International Competition for Young Musicians Sonus op.6 takes place in March 2021. in The music school Albert Štrige in Križevci.

The disciplines of the Competiton’s sixth edition include percussions, violin, solfeggio, piano and tamuritza.

At the final concert of the Competition especially noted contestants will perform compositions by Croatian composers.

The International Competition for Young Musicians Sonus is a manifestation which takes place annually with the contestants from the country and region, along with the prestigious Croatian and, from 2017, foreign music pedagogues as the members of the Competition jury.

The music school Albert Štrige Križevci is the co-organizer of the competition and the host for the fifth consecutive year. This is the place where the contestants and their mentors always come back to with joy, being the wonderful stage of music ideas, emotions, music future and new ideas.

This Competition is specific because every contestant receives not only the numeric grade, but also the descriptive grade which the organizer sends to their teacher/mentor. The descriptive grade represents the praise or remark including the suggestion of the objective and positive listener, with the aim of encouraging the improvement of teacher’s/mentor’s work and the upbringing of the young musicians. Another specific detail about this competition is that this is the first competition in Croatia where the young musicians of the primary school age also compete in the discipline of percussions.

By enlisting it as one of the official cultural municipal manifestations, the town of Križevci became a proud sponsor of The International Competition of young musicians Sonus in 2018.

The disciplines piano, solfeggio and percussions are competed every year, whereas all the other instrumental disciplines every two years. The first Young musicians competition Sonus op.1. was held in February 2015 in guitar, piano, solfeggio and tambura discipline, the second Sonus op.2 competition included disciplines in accordion, piano, solfeggio, percussions and violin. Since the competition is getting bigger every year, Sonus op.3 has become an international competition in 2017 with disciplines in flute, piano, solfeggio, tambura and percussions. On Sonus op.4 competition we added another, the sixth instrumental discipline, the category for the contestants between 17 and 25 years od age, which has two stages like the fifth category. The Competition included disciplines in accordian, piano, percussions, solfeggio and violin. The fifth edition of the Competition was sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education. Last years Competition was the largest ever with it`s 344 contestants who performed in four disciplines: piano, solfeggio, tambura and percussion.

See you at the Competition!

Ivana Tadin

Director of the competition

Judita Paljević Kraljik

Deputy director

Nina Mihaliček

Marketing director

Zorislav Frančišković

System administrator

Branka Špoljar

Headmaster of music school